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Schuldig x Farfarello
Guilty pleasures, anyone?
5.10.08 [00:35](no subject)
OTP: ♥
Quick update:

1. I've finally finished compiling a list of available fic featuring Farfarello & Schuldig. You can find it here. Despite hours on Google and the wayback machine, I undoubtedly missed some. As always, you're welcome to rec things, so if you have something to add to it please comment on that post, and I'll edit the list.

2. Userinfo has updated to include a link to the giant fic post, as well as a link to the website post.

3. I lied, there is no number three.
29.8.08 [13:21] - Giant Fic List
OTP: ♥
This is a giant list of fanfic that includes Farfarello and Schuldig in some combination.

The list is alphabetical by author, archived either on LiveJournal or offline. Ratings, kinks and warnings are listed whenever I could find them. That being said - this is not a personal recommendation list. I have not read everything on this list, and cannot comment on the quality or length of the writing. This is simply a list of everything I could find. Browse at your own discretion.

Also, feel free to comment with recommendations of your own. It does not have to be exclusive to LJ, as long as it's easily accessible. You are allowed to rec someone else's work, or your own work. All ratings and kinks are welcome, as long as it focuses on the relationship between Farfarello and Schuldig, whether explicit or implied. You may rec stories in a different language, as long as you can "prove" that it involves Farfarello and Schuldig.

NOTE: If you are the author of a fanfic and you do not want your story archived here, please contact me. Also if there are any problems - e.g. I miscredited someone, misspelled someone's name, got the wrong contact info, links are broken, etc. - please let me know.

On to the list.Collapse )

Note: comments will be deleted once changes are implemented.
Updated: August, 2009
28.8.08 [11:16] - Farfarello.org????
ok first of all hello I'm new here ^_^ and secondly does anyone know what happened to Farfarello.org it was my favourite site with all my favourite stories and the best fanarts on it, I went to go on it about  a month ago and I couldn't, I've been trying to find out what happened to it since, it was the best site for Farfarello on the net, I can't find any of the fics now or the pictures? 

Anyone know anything? 


*dusts off community* Hello? Is there anybody in there? (Just smile if you can hear me!) All kidding aside - hello again, fellow S/F shippers. Several changes have been made, and I'd like to get the community's input on some things.
First off - I am very, very sorry for being a crappy mod. Life carried me a way for a bit, and I stupidly neglected this community, and for that I'm truly sorry. Unfortunately I don't have anything shiny and pornographic to distract everyone, so just, er, forgive me?

1. We have a new layout! If you have any problems with it, please tell me. (Those of you who are using IE are just going to have to give in and accept Firefox as your browser overlord.) If anyone finds any glitches or any things I've coded or linked incorrectly, please let me know. Also, if you completely hate the layout, please let me know that, too. I can always change it.
2. Userinfo has updated! Which means new rules, although most of you have nothing to worry about. The only real change is that I'd like people to keep to one rating system for fic/art/etc. to prevent any confusion. Also, you'll notice you can now tag posts, and I encourage you to do so. (But don't go insane tagging, okay?)

Now the part where I get your input: this community has been quiet for far too long. (I take responsibility for it, again, my apologies). So, in order to get the Schu/Farf appreciation up to proper levels, would people be up for a either a challenge or a gift exchange?
If we do a challenge, I can post a monthly prompt (you guys can suggest prompts, too). I can't really do a weekly prompt because I'd run out of prompts, and a monthly prompt gives people some time to write/draw/vid/whatever. The other option is a gift exchange. I've discussed this with some people and there seems to be a general nod of heads, but I'd like to know what everyone else thinks. Should it be just fic, or open to fic/art/vids? Give me your thoughts, people.
(Just FYI: If we were to do a gift exchange, sign-ups would begin pretty soon, so that people would get ample time to write before Yuletide comes along.)
13.3.08 [22:10](no subject)
Egoist X 2
I remember there being this picture of Farfello (maybe both Farf and Schu?) in an asylum picture, where it was referencing Alice in Wonderland with a quote in it "We're all mad here". Would anyone happen to have it/know the artist/site?
29.1.08 [02:23] - Shu and Farf fic
Rock n Roll Dreams
Hello. I bring fanfic of the Shu and Farf kind. :) One has to love them. I'm relatively new to the WK fandom, but not shy to spread the love. lol

Here goes my first WK fic.

Title: In Shadows
Author: xchristabelx
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Claim: Schuldig and Farfarello (could be friendship or Schu/Farf)
Rating: PG-13-R
Warnings: alcohol and angst, mentions of death
Word count: 1627
Summary: After discovering that he killed his Family Farfarello is in need of help and a straitjacket just won't do.
Author's notes: First WK fic. YAY

(In Shadows)
26.8.07 [15:52] - Cosplay: Because we care
UUUUM, omg, cross-postin because I can care!

Fake cut to my journal with all the fiftybzdillion other photos because um, I get confused when I actually post twice >.> Me, megalotro as Farfarello, snarkymonkey as Schuldig :) because she loves me even if she doesn't love my pairing ;____;

( My fake cut, let me show you it )

20.4.07 [15:01] - Fanart

( OTPs never die! )

Edit: now with 100% correct HTML. *snarl*
M Take Note
Title: Roadside Wake
Author: Truth
Rating: PG-13
Optional notes:

Once upon a time, I wrote a story called Christmas. It's a dark story and a deathfic and rated NC-17 for sex and death and profaning a place of worship. Farfarello x Schuldig, for those keeping score.

A little while back, I posted a writing meme and for it, toxictattoo asked me to write what happened six months before 'Christmas'. Please note, this story will make little to no sense unless you've read 'Christmas' first.

So, without further ado, I give you Roadside Wake.
Shamelessly x-posted to my journal, but since it's kind of not readily obvious what it is THERE, I thought I'd actually for once post HERE ^^

AMV : The Beginning is the EndCollapse )

Um, yep~ Christmas Present for ningengirai as I fail at mailing! Yay!

4.12.06 [22:12] - While you sleep - repost
Colin Morgan - Dream on (by me)
Sorry for the repost, but finally I found a GREAT beta and I'd like to share the final result with you.

Title: While you sleep
Author: loll_3000
Pairing: Schuldig/Farfarello (Schu POW)
Rating: NC17+
Warning: DARK! Death fic, angst, sex and a lot of twisted love
Spoiler: None
Beta: shinyboot
Disclaimer: Weiss Kreuz characters belong to their creators... unfortunately.

While you sleep
10.7.06 [09:22] - Proposition of sorts
Random - Bunny Wabbit!
So I have been a long time fan of Weiß, but only recently actually started watching the show. The more I watched, the more I was sure the story could be handled better, which I would kind of like to try. I don't want to do it solid fanfic, though, I was thinking more along the lines of a graphic novel sort of thing. Illustrated, you know? I will admit now that I have no drawing skills whatsoever, so I figured why not give it a shot sims2 style. I have seen a lot of really awesomely done stories using the Sims2 as "actors" and will even admit that I fired up my own game again after seeing someone doing a photoshoot with some of the Weiß boys in a hot tub.

All good and well, but if it is in anyway possible, I would really, REALLY like to not undertake this project by myself. Which is what brings me here; I am looking for someone who'd like to assist in the reconstruction of Weiß.

Ideally I am looking for someone who can help in the whole process, from hashing out the "episodes" and discussion character motivations, writing extra scenes, creating the sets and characters and helping to sim the story out when it's written. However, I am willing to handle the simming side of things if necessary (though I will warn you that I am still learning to tricks of taking awesome story pictures).

If you are interested thus far, read further so you'll know what you're getting yourself in for before making your mind up.Collapse )

X-posted to a few places in the hopes of finding an interested party.
10.7.06 [00:12](no subject)
Radiohead; Smiles are free
Weiss Kreuz icons
o Schuldig
o Brad
o Youhji
o Omi
o SchuxFarf
A whole many icons of Weiss Kreuz x Quotes from The Producers
WARNING: Weiss Kreuz Producer Quote icons contain jokes about Nazis which some may find offensive. If you can't handle the sense of humor, this is your warning to not look at them.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting The rest are over at iconchacha
13.6.06 [22:56] - Holaaa.
Hello, everyone~

I'm here to pimp out my Weiss Kreuz messageboard RPG Dead Ringer (in which yaoi couplings abound! are allowed). We need a Farfarello who can type long paragraphs! Read on if interested...

Condensed Version: Kritiker wants Schwarz and Schreient to join them so they have all the manpower they can get when Estet's followers decide to get a little payback or try and take over the world again.

Long version!Collapse )

We're looking for LITERATE ROLEPLAYERS who can play Crawford, Farfarello, or Tot. It is a roleplay based only on the original anime series, meaning no manga, no dramas, no Gluhen, side B, etc.

So if you're interested, please apply.
Click the banner to go to the messageboard. :D

Join Dead Ringer

Thank you~

X-posted lots.
Okay, so I've shown this to exactly one person so far, and the story kind of ran away from me somewhere in the middle. As a result, the Saints are mentioned in passing, and the rest is weird Schuldig/Farfarello stuff.

I also call this a fic-thing because it has no end, and no beginning. It just is. Amen.

Title: -
Pairing: Schuldig/Farfarello
Rating: Mature
Word count: 2675

Next you’ll be telling me there’s no spoon, either.Collapse )
16.5.06 [17:35] - Who Our Gods Are
Disclaimer: I don't own. Obviously.

Title: Who Our Gods Are

Warning: Sex. In a church. Mildy to somewhat explicit. I'm sure you can tell it's not gonna be pretty. Read at your own risk! (it's also merely self-betaed...)

Author's Note: At some point in the A Darker Shade of Black story I hinted at Farfarello and Schuldig getting it on in a church in Frankfurt. This is not, exactly, that missing scene. It is, however, reminiscent of it. I changed some of the setting and it doesn't really take place that long after the show. In fact, it probably takes place sometime before Kapitel.

I'm not a slash writer, normally, so I'm not really sure this was worth the trouble. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

( Who Our Gods Are )
16.4.06 [19:05] - Fic: Intimate Introductions
Title: Intimate Introductions
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Pairing: Schuldig x Farfarello x Other.
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): oral, non-con, snuff, Farfarello POV
Summary: Schuldig and Farfarello meet for the first time.
A/N: I set this in a poor mental institution somewhere in America. It will probably be the beginning of a series, but it should be stand alone. Welcome me to lj!

First the scent of him, not remotely like the stale sweat and cigarettes, the old remnants of semen and vomit and cheap clothing starch that clung to the orderlies. Nothing like the mentholized aftershave of Dr. Mensch, or the disinfectant they slathered over everything to give it a veneer of cleanliness. The disinfectant that numbed olfactory senses and drowned the sinuses like formaldehyde so that one could imagine one hung in mummified nothingness instead of clinical ward restraints.

His smell was of bloodshed.
moreCollapse )
25.3.06 [06:42](no subject)
Radiohead; Smiles are free
Icon dump x2. formely ran earthslastnight but another talented icon maker and i switched over to the icon community iconchacha so you may find all the icons I made over there now and I have done two icon posts with Weiss Kreuz icons.

~Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

The rest are here ---> iconchacha
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