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Welcome to the LiveJournal community for fans of the pairing Schuldig & Farfarello in any combination. Schuldig and Farfarello are a part of the assassin group Schwarz, from the anime/manga Weiß Kreuz. Technically they're bad guys, but we like them that way. You can find links to websites about them here.

Since both Schuldig and Farfarello are male, this community features slash - m/m relationships - and it can get quite graphic. If this isn't your thing, do not join the community. The community is moderated to only 18+ members to comply with LJ's adult-oriented community rules. You must be 18+ to join!

That being said, feel free to talk, drool, rant and rave about Schuldig and Farfarello and their not-so-platonic relationship! Please share fanfiction, fanart, anecdotes, and links about this pairing!

Everything is archived in tags, and memories. In addition, there are posts for website links and fic recs.

Your friendly neighborhood mod is numinicious - please address all questions, comments and concerns to her. (numinicious @ gmail.com or schu.farf @ gmail.com)
01. Be respectful. Do not flame, make rude comments, troll, or throw hissy fits. If there is a problem, contact a moderator. Flamers will be banned.
02. All irrelevant posts will be deleted. This is a community about Farfarello & Schuldig, and your post should include something about them. Intro posts are fine - feel free to tell us what got you into this pairing in the first place. Comm pimpage is also fine, as is asking for RPG characters - just make sure it's Schuldig and Farfarello related!
03. Feel free to tag your post with your username and a description of the content (e.g. "fic: pg-13" or "art: nsfw")
04. Do not post quiz results. We've seen them all.
05. Do not hotlink. Hotlinking makes Farfarello angry. Do you want to make Farfarello angry?

01. All adult content should be locked to members-only and placed under an LJ-cut.
02. Please include appropriate warnings as to the nature of the post. Let us know if something is deathfic, NSFW, rape, gore, etc. (When in doubt, elaborate!) Also, please include a rating for tagging.
03. Please use an LJ-cut if you're going to be posting fanfics that are longer than 100 words (drabbles), large pictures, or tons of icons. Teaser icons are fine, but keep it to a minimum.
04. Please use the following rating format (based on the MPAA system):
          G: No nudity, sex, drugs, violence or profanity.
          PG: Some profanity, mild violence, some physical contact (kissing, hand-holding, etc.)
          PG-13: Moderate profanity, moderate physical contact (nothing explicit), strong violence
          R: Non-graphic sex, profanity, heavy violence/gore
          NC-17: Anything goes!
05. You're welcome to do fake-cuts, but please include warnings/ratings/etc.

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